As an optimist, I profoundly believe in the power we have to be happy at any time by simply being present in the moment. My aim with my art is to deliver a message of joy, love and happiness by sharing it with you and help you reconnect with the present moment.

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A Meditation of Life

My work is a meditation on life. Art is powerful. It grabs our attention, it connects us and engages our inner self, puts our minds to work with focus quieting the clutter in it. Art brings us back to the moment. All else goes away: the past and the future. It removes the noise.

Art Changes Your Emotions

We simply are in it’s presence whether is visual art, music, performance. Even if this happens only for a few seconds, these few seconds go a long way to heal us. Art changes your emotions, and emotions are what makes things manifest.

Representations of Reality

The worlds and figures in my paintings, although they seem to be imaginary and surreal, are in fact representations of reality, my reality, yours as well. The representation of a life healing through love, with hope and peace even when facing challenges, broken hearts or injustice.

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