About Sandra Rincon

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and currently reside in Miami, USA. I had the opportunity to live in different countries during my youth such as Ecuador and Venezuela, which played a key role in my love for traveling and learning about other cultures. I have been painting using oils since I was 12 and have not stopped since.

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I have a degree in Visual Communications and many art classes from painting, drawing sculpture to conceptualization as part of my work towards a Fine Arts degree. My work has been exhibited in galleries and art festivals in Miami since 2001.

Creating art is an endless journey from within. Through the creative process I connect with my inner self staying true to my vision and life philosophy. I believe that peace is possible because we are all connected and we all have in common the seed of love within us. We all have the capacity to choose every moment to be at peace and in joy. And I believe we all are in search for the same thing. Liberation of the clutter, the noise in our heads, which translates into suffering.

My art is a reflection on experiences, thoughts, dreams and observations. My inner child is the observer who is playful and full of hope and love. My mission is to bring joy, love, inner peace and hope through my work. Images are powerful tools for visualization that have the capacty to change our emotions and moods instantly.

I hope that when you see my work, you can connect with it on a personal level and get inspired to see the beauty of the moment and to continue to build a better world from within.

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