Bombings in Gaza


Oil and Mixed Media
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This piece is created with juxtaposition of several images. Pieces of art from Van Gogh, Joseph Cornell and Piet Mondrian, next or on top of fashion cover image and image painted from a reference photo from a newspaper story about bombings in Gaza where children are visibly terrified of these bombings while they hide from them inside a tunnel. A zebra also appears on top of the Bedroom in Arles from Van Gogh. Line drawings of ballet dancers dance around the canvas. Although the painting has so many elements of complete opposites, it manages to keep it all together as one piece that makes sense to the eye. All these images work well together. Just like our lives, we all have many roles, wear many hats, experience lots of different situations, meet all sorts of people, see so many things that are different from each other, hear different sounds, smell all sorts of different aromas, etc yet all of that forms part of our life experience and it makes sense to us at some point or another. The horrible experience of these children manages to dominate the painting, bringing forward the importance of recognizing it and denounce it. Signed by me, Sandra Rincon. All my paintings are originals.

Copyright Sandra Rincon. All rights reserved.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 26 × 3 in

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