Mientras en Amsterdam – While in Amsterdam – 2010


Oil and Mixed Media
36” x 48”
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At least 30,000 Libyans died in the civil war in 2011. The people of Libya took the streets and began a movement to bring down the oppressive government. Civilians armed themselves for their protection against heavy military weapons used to brutally massacre their people. Nine months of daily conflict for the lybian people, while in Amsterdam, as an example (I happened to travel there during this time) life was peaceful, no effect on their daily life. The top half is taken from an image published in a daily USA newspaper and the bottom half is taken from a photograph taken in Amsterdam during this period. The piece is 3D since it contains objects attached to the canvas. Signed by me, Sandra Rincon. All my paintings are originals.

Copyright Sandra Rincon. All rights reserved.

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Dimensions 50 × 38 × 4 in

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